Sol Sarratea's lastest work.
Project that aims to provide digital data a medium to become rotten by computing feedback systems.
2020 | Continous life forms on portrait
become rotten
Implemented smooth version of Conways game of life
2020 | Discrete life forms
become rotten
Implemented Conways game of life
2020 | Worms on face portrait
become rotten
Explore GS model to simulate life forms. Add special local control to handle size of patterns.
2020 | Continous Glitch
become rotten
Create Three.js scene to interact with degrading images. Used shaders algorithms.
2020 | Patterns on video caputre
become rotten
Gray Scott model mixed with video capture. First samples on diffusion rates and colors.
2020 | Multi feedback system for glitching images
become rotten
Implemented glitching algorithms with TCP conections. Explored interaction beetween internal feedback loop in each canvas, and outer external loop in between intances in different browsers.